Mr. Michael Delahunt

Graphic Design 1 & 2

Retouch the "Iron Man"



"To retouch" is to repair a damaged photo.


Your assignment is to retouch a photo of damaged artwork promoting a fantasy super-hero:





1 Make a copy of the PICT file (an Apple graphic file format) that is a scan of this damaged picture.
Do not work on the version displayed here.
A much higher resolution copy of this file can be found on the PHS-ITC server > Assignments > Graphic Design > Iron Man. Drop that file into your own folder on the PHS-ITC server.

2 Open it in PhotoShop Elements. You will be able to see the damage done to the original artwork much more easily when you have done so.

3 Remove and repair both folds from the entire image. Worth 10 points.

4 Fix the wrinkle. Use the blend (gradient tool). Worth 15 points.

5 Remove the marker scribble as if they were never there. Worth 15 points.

6 Fix the letterring. Worth 10 points.

7 Clone the bottom and top of the image across the lost portions (white) along the edges of the canvas. As part of this task, add the tip of a little-finger to Iron Man's right hand by cloning another finger. Worth 10 points.

8 Fix all of the fold marks within the figure using the stamp tool. Worth 20 points.

9 Finish before the deadline -- end of class February 21 -- and place a copy of your final product in the drop-box. Title a copy of the file you've completely retouched as
"[period 1 or 2] iron [your last name]"
drag and drop it into Users > Assignments > Graphic Design > drop-box.
Worth 20 points -- o
ne-fifth of the 100 points you can earn are for turning this assignment in by its deadline.







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Iron Man as a 1000 k file in .jpeg format