Mr. Michael Delahunt

Graphic Design 1 & 2
Find, Learn, and Teach a PhotoShop Trick


Use your web browser to find a trick you can learn to use with Adobe PhotoShop.

Visit one or more of the Internet search engines listed below. Type the words "PhotoShop trick" into the search form, take a look at some of the thousands of tricks you can find.

Choose one of the tricks that sounds most interesting, and that no one you know of has chosen to learn, follow the step-by-step instructions, so that you can then teach five of your classmates and Mr. Delahunt too.


Some of the best search engines are:

Once you locate the trick you decide to study:

  1. Make permanent note of its URL.
  2. Learn to do it.
  3. Make some examples of it.
  4. Save at least one that you produce.
  5. Demonstrate its use to at least five classmates and Mr. Delahunt.



Find a new PhotoShop trick on the Internet, and note its address: Friday, October 26th.

Demonstrate it to others: Wednesday, October 31st.




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