Mr. Delahunt's '04-'05 Fifth Grade Students' Gallery of




The masks displayed here were made by following a lesson plan described on another page.

Each mask was begun as a life mask made upon the face of the artist. The media used for these masks includes plaster, papier-mâché, cardboard, and tempera. Some also incorporate wire, tinted cellophane, acrylic gloss medium, glitter, feathers, rhinestones, and other materials. Each student also wrote a brief story about the creature portrayed. Those narratives were not available when this page was posted.


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Stephanie, Brown Dog with a Red Tongue




Lauren, Blue Angel




B. Roope, Eagle




Bryce, The New Captain America




Sarah, Cat Eating a Bird




Joe, The Green Creature with the Long Horn



K K, Glittering Griffin




Hayley, Flora




Megan, Monkey Man




Natalie, Cow




Elizabeth, Penguin




Brandon, Tripple-Horned Gershplecht 




Samantha, Fire Head




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