Mr. Delahunt's '05-'06 Fourth Grade "b-group" Students' Gallery of

Drawings of Animals

Each artist chose a photograph of an animal for subject matter, and made a triptych of three drawings.

Each was made in three approaches:

At one end: realism — a natural representation of people, places, and/or things in a work of art — much as we see the world normally or in photographs.

At the opposite end: abstraction, or nonobjective — often exaggerating or simplifying forms. The central figure: somewhere inbetween realism and abstraction. Each triptych was drawn with colored pencils on paper 6 x 18 inches.

We hope you enjoy this online exhibition of our work!


Click on a name, a title, or the image beside it to see the entire triptych drawing.

Thanks to Jessica and her parent for photographing all the artworks pictured here!



Jessica, Hoot-Owl, from Realistic to Abstract   



Nathan, Owl on a Branch, from Realistic to Abstract    



Sara, Shaggy Dog, from Realistic to Abstract  



Grace, Brown Dog, from Realistic to Abstract  



Sarah, Dog, from Realistic to Abstract  



Megan, Dog at a Tree, from Abstract to Realistic  



Megan, White Cat, from Realistic to Abstract    




Rachel, Yellow Frog, from Realistic to Abstract   



Kevin, Parrot, from Realistic to Abstract   



Margaret, A Dog Lying on Grass , from Realistic to Abstract  



Bradley, Staring Kitty, from Realistic to Abstract   



John, Parrot, from Realistic to Abstract  



Sophie, Dog, from Realistic to Abstract   



Jessica, Head of a Dog , from Realistic to Abstract   






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