Michael Delahunt gets his Mohawk!


In April of 2003, Michael learned that his students were collecting food for the poor. He challenged them to contribute more than students at any other school in the district, promising that if they did, he would get his hair cut in a Mohawk.

They surpassed the record by a thousand pounds!

Michael prepared to get a new hair style.

New for him anyway.





He wondered how he'd look with a Mohawk since he was very young.

He never got to have one when he wanted one most.






Wouldn't it be cool to be more like an Indian warrior?











Depends on so many things.








Like how hip you are.






Or if you're a cartoon character.








Or female.






A teenager.






A young stud.





A big guy.





Or just plain goofy.






He'd just have to take his chances.




Here's how he looked before his new do.


You can click on the following pictures to see them larger.





One of Michael's students, George J, volunteered his mom -- a hair stylist --
to come over to school
and produce a great Mohawk.





Not only did she do a beautiful job with the hair, she made the experience memorable for the kids, too.






Here's a rear view of the finished cut, just before the addition of color.






A little purple, a lot of magenta, and a smattering of metallic silver,




and VOILA!!!




Michael kept the look intact for about 18 hours, before he shaved it off entirely, to enjoy the further bliss of total baldness.

Images of that look are available only to those who were there and those who can visualize!




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