sseeing or sight - To perceive with the eye, to visually apprehend. Or, to visualize; to create a mental image of. Also, to detect by any means similar to the use of the eye, as in the use of photography.

Physically, sight requires that light is cast photo of a human eyeupon the pupil of one or both of the eyes, pass through the lens, through the aqueous and vitreous humors, onto the retina. From the photoreceptors there — millions of light sensitive nerve endings called rods and cones — nerve impulses must then be transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain. In the brain, these nerve messages are analyzed for their arrangement / pattern, and its meaning. (See elements of art and principles of design.)

"Seeing" and "sight" are often used to emphasize the quality which differentiates seeing from mere looking, comprehending or understanding a sight's meaning rather than merely apprehending its pattern of light.

Other synonyms: view, gaze, behold, note, notice, espy, descry, observe, contemplate, examine, survey, and discern.






Works that are especially about seeing:


Greek, Attic, Black-Figure Eye Cup with Ships, Archaic, c. 530 BCE, terra cotta, Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emery U, Atlanta, GA. This cup appears to act as a mask when the cup is raised to drink — the eyes staring out, the handles resembling ears, and the foot of the vase appearing as a mouth. The eyes serve an apotropaic function, driving away evil. See anthropomorphism, black-figure, ex voto, Greek art, talisman, vessel, and votive.



Maurits Cornelis Escher (Dutch, 1898-1972), Eye, 1946, mezzotint, 7th and final stage.



see thumbnail to leftMark Tansey (American, 1949-), The Innocent Eye Test, 1981, oil on canvas, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. Mark Tansey is known particularly for his monochromatic paintings which are often humorous mock-historical scenes that refer to art historical subjects. This picture depicts a group of men who are showing an actual cow a painting of cows by Paulus Potter (Dutch, 1625-1654), The Young Bull, 1647. See pastoral.


Two cross-sections of the human eye:



Protect your eyes, and those of everyone else your activities might affect. Wear protective eye covering whenever the eyes are exposed to hazards.




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