ppendant or pendent - Something hanging from something else, such as an ornament or piece of jewelry suspended from a necklace, or a chandelier.


Examples of pendants in this sense:






see thumbnail to leftGreece, Temple Pendant with the Head of Athena Parthenos, first half of the 4th century BCE, gold, enamel, State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.



A bulla is a pendant of leather or metal, usually of circular shape, worn by Roman youths round the neck as an amulet, ornament and sign of free birth, until they reached adulthood. See Roman art.



see thumbnail to rightPanama, Double Eagle Pendant, 1st-5th century, Initial Style, cast gold, height 4 3/8 inches (11.1 cm), Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. See jewelry and Pre-Columbian art.



see thumbnail to leftNigeria, Edo peoples, Court of Benin, Pendant Mask: Iyoba, 16th century, ivory, iron, copper, height 9 3/8 inches (23.8 cm), Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. See African art and mask.




In Gothic architecture, an ornament suspended from a roof or ceiling, such as a boss at the terminal of lowered ribs. In wooden architecture, a decorative terminal on dropped wood members at the end of an overhanging peak of a gable roof. It may also refer to a companion piece -- one of a matched pair of paintings, sculpture, etc., which were conceived and executed as related, interdependent works.


Also see finial, pectoral, and rondel.



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