ppainting - Works of art made with paint on a surface. Often the surface, also called a support, is either a tightly stretched piece of canvas or a panel. How the ground (on which paint is applied) is prepared on the support depends greatly on the type of paint to be used. Paintings are usually intended to be placed in frames, and exhibited on walls, but there have been plenty of exceptions. Also, the act of painting, which may involve a wide range of techniques and materials, along with the artist's other concerns which effect the content of a work.



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Also see the types of media used in painting, such as acrylic, casein, enamel, encaustic, fresco, gouache, lacquer, oil, pastel, tempera, watercolor, etc., as well as the names of painting tools, techniques, schools, periods, movements, styles, miniature, mosaic, mural, digital imaging, stretcher, and so on.

Also see abbozzo, blot, easel, feather and feathering, grisaille, incrustation, interdisciplinary, marbling, sinopia, underpainting, and universal artwork.






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