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oorange - Like: Orange is a combination of red and yellow, so it takes on many of the a square shape filled with orangecharacteristics of both colors. It is vibrant and warm, like the autumn leaves. Orange has the physical force of red, but it is less intense, less passionate. Lovers of this color work and play hard, are adventurous and enthusiastic.

You are good-natured, expansive and extroverted with a disposition as bright as your favorite color, and you like to be with people. Your ideas are unique and you have strong determination. You are more agreeable than aggressive.

Orange people can be fickle. It has been said that your latest friend is your best friend. Orange lovers make for undependable mates--they're always looking for new worlds to conquer! Success in business can come easily to this gregarious, charming person.

If your preferences tend to the peach tones, you have all of the same traits as the orange person, but you are much less assertive about it. You work hard, but your play (especially sports) activities are more as an observer than a participant. You're friendly and charming as well, but in a much more subtle way!

Dislike: Life is definitely not a dish of gumdrops for the rejecter of orange. Nothing flamboyant appeals to you. You dislike too much partying, hilarity, loud laughter, showing off and obvious intimacy. As a result, you may be difficult to get to know, if not a loner. You prefer a few genuine close friends to a large circle of acquaintances and once you make a friend, they're your friend forever.

Produced when light strikes an object and then reflects back to the eyes.

An element of art with three properties: (1) hue or tint, the color name, e.g., red, yellow, blue, etc.: (2) intensity, the purity and strength of a color, e.g., bright red or dull red; and (3) value, the lightness or darkness of a color.

When the spectrum is organized as a color wheel, the colors are divided into groups called primary, secondary and intermediate (or tertiary) colors; and also as warm and cool colors.

Colors can be objectively described as saturated, clear, cool, warm, subdued, grayed, tawny, mat, glossy, monochrome, multicolored, particolored, variegated, or polychromed.

Some words used to describe colors are more subjective (subject to personal opinion or taste), such as: exciting, sweet, saccharine, brash, garish, ugly, beautiful, cute, pretty, and sublime.

Sometimes people speak of colors when they are actually refering to pigments, what they are made of (various natural or synthetic substances), their relative permanence, etc.

Photographers measure color temperature in degrees kelvin (K).






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Also see CMYK, local color, monochrome, palette, Pantone Matching System (PMS), pattern, pigment, RGB, saturation, spectrum, texture, and value.

Coming soon (available now only in early stages of construction): articles on individual colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, purple, brown, white, gray, and black.




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