mmonument - A building, sculpture, or other structure especially built to remember and honor a person or event.





see thumbnail to rightAuguste Rodin, Monument to Balzac, 1897-98, bronze (cast 1954), 9 feet 3 inches x 48 1/4 inches x 41 inches (282 x 122.5 x 104.2 cm), Museum of Modern Art, NY.






see thumbnail to leftAugustus Saint-Gaudens (American,1848-1907), The Farragut Monument, 1879-1880, bronze, New York City, Madison Square Park. This is a monument to the Civil War naval hero, Admiral David Glasgow Farragut (1801-1870). The base of this statue was designed by Saint-Gaudens's friend Stanford White (American architect, 1853-1906).



Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Abraham Lincoln ("The Standing Lincoln") (full view and detail), 1887, bronze, Chicago, Lincoln Park.



Augustus Saint-Gaudens, The Adams Memorial, 1890-1891, bronze (entire and a detail), Washington D.C., Rock Creek Cemetery. Also, a clay sketch (Dartmouth College Library).



Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Regiment Memorial, 1897-1900, patinated plaster, National Gallery, Washington, DC. The subject of this sculpture is also that of the movie Glory [link to a still photograph from the movie] (Edward Zwick, 1989).



Gutson Borglum (American, 1867-1941), assisted by a workforce of 400, including hard-rock miners, ranchers, hobos, and unemployed laborers, Mount Rushmore National Monument, took 14 years, completed Oct. 31, 1941, dynamited and jackhammered pegmatitic granite, height of each face c. 60 feet, each nose 20 feet, width each eye 11 feet, the Black Hills in southwestern South Dakota. Cost nearly $1 million, 85% paid by the federal government. Visitors in 2000: 2,522,288. See detritus and living rock.







see thumbnail to rightConstantin Brancusi (French, born Romania, 1876-1957), Endless Column, 1937-38, metal-coated cast-iron modules on a steel spine, height 98 feet, Târgu-Jiu, Romania. It was restored and reassembled in 2000, as seen here. Endless Column is one of three elements in a sculptural ensemble. the other two works are the travertine Table of Silence and the Gate of the Kiss. The Endless Column was conceived as a monument to young Romanians who died in World War I. See column and vertical.




see thumbnail to leftKrzysztof Wodiczko (American, born Poland,  1943-), The Tijuana Projection, 2001, public projection at the Centro Cultural de Tijuana, Mexico (as part of In-Site 2000). Krzysztof Wodiczko creates large-scale slide and video projections of politically-charged images on architectural façades and monuments worldwide. By appropriating public buildings and monuments as backdrops for projections, Wodiczko focuses attention on ways in which architecture and monuments reflect collective memory and history.





see thumbnail to rightMaya Lin (American, 1959-), Vietnam War Memorial, Washington, D.C.,1982, a powerfully evocative minimalist monument, a V-shaped wall of polished black granite on which have been carved the names of Americans who died. The wall is 10.1 feet high at its center. The entire length of the wall is 493.5 feet; each half is 246.75 feet long. The wall contains 58,175 names (as of October 1990). The names (and other words) on the wall are 0.53 inches high and 0.015 inches deep.




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