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American Society for Aesthetics On-Line
The main professional organization for aesthetics in the United States, promoting study, research, discussion and publication in aesthetics. Also take a look at Aesthetics On-Line, supplementing the ASA Newsletter.

Artists' sites

A guide to works of fine art on the Internet. Search by names of artists or by periods / movements / styles.

The mission of Artsedge is to help artists, teachers, and students gain access to and/or share information, resources, and ideas that support the arts as a core subject area in the K-12 curriculum.

ArtServe [also known as] Rubens
Search 1000's of art-historical images. Texts dealing with the history of printmaking from the fifteenth century to c. 1900, and a few on the classical architecture of the Mediterranean. For the prints collection, users can choose between menus offering inlines, or those without. Images of classical architecture and architectural sculpture will join this collection. Run by Australian National Museum. This has become a service one can access only by paying a fee. [I haven't done that, and can't tell you how it works out.] Also see

A gathering point for networked resources on Art and Architecture. The content is diverse and includes links to image collections, electronic exhibitions, art and architecture gopher sites, and electronic art journals, as well as original materials submitted by librarians, museums, art historians, etc.

The French Ministry of Culture
This includes photos of recently discovered Paleolithic cave paintings.

Galleries' sites

History of Art Virtual Library
This site lists art history and computer applications in art history. It includes a list of university departments and links to some museums and galleries. This Virtual Library is maintained by the History of Art Department of Birkbeck College, University of London.

Incredible Art Department
Includes a collection of art lesson plans, and links to loads of important art education sites. Founded by Ken Rohrer, but now conducted by Judy Decker.

Library of Congress
The United States national library.

Merriam-Webster Online.

National Endowment for the Arts

National Endowment for the Humanities
This organization supports the study of the history, criticism, and philosophy of the arts, including summer institutes and seminars for elementary and secondary teachers. 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20506 Guidelines & information: Office of Publications and Public Affairs, (202) 606-8400 or

Oxford English Dictionary (OED).
This site describes the development of the making of the dictionary from its beginnings in the 1880s, plans for an online version, and the first thorough revision to be printed about 2010.

OTIS (Operative Term Is Stimulate)
OTIS is a public access library containing hundreds of images, animations, and information files. It archives the work of new artists, including many students, in areas from painting and sculpture to tattoo art and computer-generated images.

Photographs from Detroit Publishing Co., 1880-1920 A searchable collection of over 25,000 glass negatives and transparencies and 300 color lithograph prints, including 900 large format photos by William Henry Jackson. A subsite at the Library of Congress. Heavy on eastern U.S. place subjects.

Smithsonian Institution
Several sites, including the National Museum of American Art. Search through its more than 500 highlights, portraits of artists, videos of artists at work. Among other features are background notes and thumbnail images that won't strain slow modems, but which can be enlarged with a click.

SILS Art Image Browser A database of art and architectural images, and images of museum objects in digital form. It allows you to locate, and view, works of art. Useful for exploring art, architecture and museum images. The prototype is being developed for a research project, funded by the US Department of Education and the University of Michigan's School of Information and Library Studies.

Alta Vista's Babelfish
Provides translations of blocks of text and Web pages.
Translator's Home Companion
Links to on-line dictionaries and global news services.
Travlang's Translating Dictionaries
Features dozens of dictionaries, including German-Latin and Esperanto-Portuguese.

The WebMuseum
Nicholas Pioch's site features a huge collection of paintings, along with excellent art historical information.

The World Wide Web Virtual Library Museums Page
An extensive set of links. Maintained by Jonathan Bowen of Oxford, U.K.

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