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Examples of landscape paintings by artists born between 1701 and 1800:






see thumbnail to rightHubert Robert (France, 1733-1808), Landscape with Steps, 1770s, red chalk, 17 1/2 x 12 5/8 inches (44.5 x 32.1 cm), Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


see thumbnail to leftJoseph Wright of Derby (English, 1734-1797), A Cottage on Fire, c. 1787, oil on canvas, 22 7/8 x 30 inches, Minneapolis Institute of Arts.


see thumbnail to rightRalph Earl (American, 1751-1801), Looking East from Denny Hill, 1800, oil on canvas, Worcester Art Museum, MA.


see thumbnail to leftNagasawa Rosetsu (Japanese, 1754-99), Bamboo, 1790s, six-panel folding screen; ink on paper; no signature; seals: (upper) Nagasawa, (lower) Gyo, Worcester Art Museum, MA. See bamboo and Edo period.



see thumbnail to rightGeorges Michel (French, 1763-1843), The Mill of Montmartre, probably c. 1820, oil on canvas, 29 x 40 inches (73.7 x 101.6 cm), Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.



Caspar David Friedrich (German, 1774-1840), The Tree of Crows, c. 1822, oil on canvas, 0.59 x 0.737 m, Louvre.



Joseph Mallord Williarn Turner (English, 1775-1851), Landscape with a River and a Bay in the Background, c. 1845, oil on canvas, 0.93 x 1.23 m, Louvre.




see thumbnail to leftJohn Constable (English, 1776-1837), Salisbury Cathedral from the Bishop's Grounds, c. 1825, oil on canvas, 34 5/8 x 44 inches (87.9 x 111.8 cm), Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. (On the Met's page, you can enlarge any detail.)



see thumbnail to rightSamuel F. B. Morse (American, 1791-1872), The Chapel of the Virgin at Subiaco, 1830, oil on canvas, Worcester Art Museum, MA.



see thumbnail to leftJean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (French, 1796-1875), The Lake, 1861, oil on canvas, 52 3/8 x 62 inches (133 x 157.5 cm), Frick Collection, NY.




Other examples of landscapes:




Also see buckeye, landscape architecture, pastoral, picturesque, rustic, sacral-idyllic scene, and seascape.







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