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iinteresting - A subjective evaluation of something or someone stimulating or holding attention.

Interest is an important ingredient in motivation for producing art, as well as for studying and enjoying it in other ways.

Students are always more motivated in their studies when those studies relate to topics, ideas, experiences, and materials that children / youths find fascinating.


Some strategies for educators:


  1. Identify students' interests. Discuss these. Probe further using interview techniques or questionnaires. For instance: "Values strategies" (e.g. "Twenty Things I Love to Do") provide means to identifying and evaluating interests. Watch what students do in their free time as a guide to what their true interests are. Plan surprise activities and instructional games.
  2. Consider how student interests can be integrated into the curriculum as starting points of lessons, examples of lesson concepts, and applications of learned skills.For example, when beginning a study of mythic heroes, ask students to list their own heroes from sports, television, and contemporary affairs, or to bring to class comic books they have to depict "super heroes."
  3. Individualize by providing choices, so students have more opportunity to select assignments, activities, or projects that are interesting for them. Contracts, learning activity packages, and centers can help provide choices.

Perennially sure-fire subjects: self-portrait, family portrait, my bedroom, a favorite place, a playground structure or an amusement park ride, my name, butterfly, fantastic creature, mask, and Surrealism.





Also see aesthetics, art criticism, boredom, brainstorming, critique, effort, emphasis, ennui, enthusiasm, focal point, frisson, goal, horror vacui, positive reinforcement, praise, principles of design, readiness, success, tension, and variety.





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