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ffont - In typography, a complete set of characters and spacing of one size of type.

Contemporary examples:



see thumbnail to rightCommonworld, letters that are distressed and partly missing. Available from See implied and lacuna.





see thumbnail to leftModell Envelo, a font with a jittery high-tech mood. Available from





see thumbnail to rightSnowgoose Back Front, a two-color font suggesting a European chilly mood. Available from




see thumbnail to leftYokkmokk, a nearly illegible font with a playful science-fiction flavor. Available from





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Also see calligraphy, colophon, cuneiform, dingbat, fontography, glyph, graphic design, hieroglyph, icon, ideogram, letterform, lettering, letter spacing (and kerning), logo, petroglyph, pictograph, text, and typography.




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