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Celtic art - Art of the ancient and medieval Celtic peoples who spread over Europe in the fifth and fourth centuries BCE. They produced sophisticated metalwork, stone and wood carving, and illuminated manuscripts, decorating these objects with a variety of geometrical, knotted and spiral designs, stylized animals and human figures. They took motifs from Italy, Greece and the east, and exploited repoussé and inlay techniques, on bronze, silver and gold. The entire period is divided into two phases: early Celtic, made in Western Europe during the La Tene period (c. 450 BCE to the first century CE), and later Celtic, made chiefly in the British Isles c. 100 CE to c. 650 CE.
Celtic art's final flowering occurred in Ireland during the early Middle Ages (650 to 1150).

(pr. kel'tik, sel'tik)



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