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1001 Incredible Things for Kids on the Internet, a book published in the USA by Ken Leebow, recommends ArtLex.



ADAM is an art / design / architecture / media gateway from Great Britain. It's a searchable catalogue of 1502 Internet resources that have been selected and catalogued by professional librarians especially for the Britain's higher education community.


All About Art is a prize-worthy site created by four 4th grade students (10 years old), Elijah, Greg, Tom, and Tyler, guided by their teachers, Mrs. Heather von Allmen and Mrs. Slemmer. All About Art displays pages about several art periods and artists, the students' art, a quiz-game, and more.



American Society for Aesthetics has a site called Aesthetics On-Line. Find links to ArtLex on its pages of "Aesthetics Web Sites" and "Aesthetics Teaching Resources." Contact.


ART capades is a section of the Pacific Bell Knowledge Network.


Arte Latina focuses on both two- and three-dimensional Latin art from South America, and will eventually include art from other areas as well. Contact Riccardo Stoeckicht.


Artfocus Online is a newsletter / magazine, with art exhibits, calendar, books, and more on its site from Toronto, Canada.




Artist Resource's mission is to educate, connect and promote San Francisco Bay Area artists and writers by creating a supportive community; it posts calendars of shows, events and classes, readings, interactive forums, competitions, jobs, galleries, portfolios, hundreds of art links, art supplies, advice and techniques, and artists' stories.




Artists' sites



ArtLine is an Oregon company specializing in shipping art pieces.
Contact Fred Walker. offers art, art products, and other art services. It links to ArtLex on its page of "Publications and E-zines." Contact.




Art on the Web is a directory of art sites from Boston College.
Contact Jefferey Howe.



ArtQuest has both posted a link to ArtLex, and has awarded it a rating of four diamonds. The ArtQuest panel reviewing ArtLex said "Many sites have been reviewed but very few are awarded diamonds." They also said ArtLex "provides solid information and is a great aid for those seeking art definitions,... explanations of media."
Contact: Kathy Kahre or




ARTS Alive empowers "at-risk youth" in urban Nashville, building self-respect and creative self-expression, as students develop community pride through involvement in the arts.


The Art Stand has loads of art resources including its "Artists of the World Directory."


Art World Chicago brings together original artwork for sale in and around Chicago, and serves as a guide to local galleries and exhibitions.

The Education Network's, offers research products, teacher resources, homework help, online field trips, standards information, easy school Web site creation tools and more. It presented ArtLex with the Bigchalk Best Award, having found "ArtLex to be in the top 2% based on its rich content and its academic relevance."



The Big Eye has put ArtLex on its "Hotlist of carefully selected sites, particularly useful to new netsurfers."
 has presented ArtLex both its "Editor's Choice Award" and its "KidCool Award," calling ArtLex one of the most "entertaining and educational works on the WWW, [one] that educators may use in the classroom and children will learn from and enjoy."



Brittanica Internet Guide calls ArtLex
.a "Recommended" site.


the civilized explorer - Art on the Internet. The review of ArtLex found here is scathing. It was written in our first months online. We hope the author will return someday and find his remarks worth revising.



The Des Plaines Art Guild has been serving the Chicago area art community with art demonstrations, art fairs and art scholarships for about 50 years.



On the DMOZ Open Directory's list of more than 2,300 art history sites, ArtLex is cited as the best of them all.
Just as the Oxford English Dictionary became the definitive word on words, the Open Directory follows in the OED's footsteps to become the definitive catalog of the Web. It is "the most widely distributed data base of Web content classified by humans." The Open Directory powers the core directory services for the Web's largest and most popular search engines and portals, including Netscape Search, AOL Search, Google, Lycos, HotBot, DirectHit, and hundreds of others.

Educate.BBS is a community operated bulletin board service and Internet site in New South Wales, Australia. It recommends ArtLex .on its list of creative and visual arts links.




Education World is a resource guide where educators can start each day to find the lesson plans and research materials they are looking for.



Eyes Wide Open, Jiri Matejicek's directory of visual arts sites, has a link to ArtLex posted in his section for "Special" sites.



Focus Online - Kunst & Kultur is a German language site. It says ArtLex ist: "ein Kunstlexikon für Künstler, Studenten und Lehrer und enthält mehr als 2600 Begriffe zum Thema Kunst und Malerei. Versehen sind die Begriffe zum Teil mit bunten Abbildungen, phonetischen Hinweisen, wichtigen Zitaten und Links zu anderen fachbezogenen Quellen im Internet. Neben einer Index-Liste bietet die Site auch Links zu längeren Artikeln - von A wie 'Abstract Expressionism' bis W wie 'Watercolor'."



Free Stuff for Crafty Kids on the Internet is a book by Judy Heim & Gloria Hansen, published in 1999. It lists ArtLex as one of the great sources of free stuff for crafty kids. Our link is to this book's publisher, C&T Publishing, 1651 Challenge Drive, Concord, CA.









Incredible Art Department includes a collection of art lesson plans (one on "Illusions of Depth" by ArtLex 's author), and links to loads of important art education sites. The Incredible Art Department has recognized ArtLex as an "Incredible Art Site." Founded by Ken Rohrer, but now conducted by Judy Decker.



The most frequently consulted Internet search engine suggests more than 3,000 art history sites. Google says it recommends ArtLex more often than all but one of those sites.

#1: collaborates with major museums to produce state-of-the-art multimedia exhibitions of contemporary art, and is generously funded by Intel Corp. You should check it out!

Internet ArtResources.



Internet for the Fine Arts is "an international on-line community and network of artists, galleries, museums, and resources for the fine arts. 'IFA' is continually changing to reflect the emergence of new art related resources on the Internet." Contact.

Libraries and Services to Libraries



Linos School of Art, in Todi, Italy. On its site se info about summer painting workshops in italy, painting tips and a gallery. Contact.




MERLOT collects links to online learning materials along with peer reviews of those materials, primarily for faculty and students of higher education. Visitors can browse the collection or search for materials. Members can participate in adding materials, comments and assignments. MERLOT completed a peer review of ArtLex in 2002, awarding it a very high rating.


Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY, has a link to ArtLex.



Museum of Fine Arts, Houston recommends Artlex .as a resource on its terminology of art page.



My Virtual Encyclopedia places a link to ArtLex on its page Arts and Culture.
Contact: Bob Drudge.




National Art Education Association's Electronic Media Special Interest Group (EMIG) lists ArtLex among recommended art education resources.



Jean Armour Polly, a.k.a. Net-Mom, has written and published several editions of The Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages. This book has "over 3,000 fully annotated educational, entertaining, and empowering Web sites," including ArtLex. About this book Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D (Dr. Toy) has said: "The one extensive, quality book every family and school will want. No parent or teacher should 'surf' without this detailed resource."



North Texas Institute for Educators in the Visual Arts publishes a quarterly electronic newsletter for art educators with articles and information on DBAE and relevant issues, as well as seminars, fellowships, and awards. ArtLex .is at the top of its list of Art Education and Museum Links.



Religion and Art Links on the World Wide Web, a site at Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, has a link to ArtLex on its page "Research Guides for Students."


Schoolwork.ugh! is a homework helper resource aimed toward older students, grades 7 and up.



The Scout Report is "the premier weekly collection of useful Internet sites for discerning Internauts. Care is taken in the selection of items included in the Scout Report. Basic criteria include depth of content, author, information maintenance, and presentation." Scout Report's description of ArtLex includes: "Elementary and high school students and teachers will find ArtLex particularly helpful." The Scout Report is a publication of the Internet Scout Project, a project of the InterNIC, based at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Contact ISP.


SitEyE, Italian web guide in collaboration with NeT-ArT, has recommended ArtLex in its arts section.

StudyWeb has links to numerous educational resources for students and teachers. Their expert reviewers have scoured the Internet to select only the finest sites to be included in StudyWeb's listing of educational links. Each site in StudyWeb includes a detailed review describing its editorial and visual merits. ArtLex has recieved the StudyWeb Excellence Award.

The Top 500 directory recognizes ArtLex among the 18 art sites it places at the top.

United Artists of Cyprus, a cyber-gallery of works by artists on the island of Cyprus links to ArtLex.
Contact Phylactis Ierides.

Universo On Line

Of Sao Paulo, Brazil, calls ArtLex
."Best of the Internet."
Contact dedÈ sendyk



UtahLink - education's connection to excellence. Utah's education site has ArtLex.on its list of arts resources.



ArtLex received the Web Feet Seal of Approval in 2001, and has appeared in Web Feet: Monthly Subject Guide to the Best Web Sites for students, researchers, and the general public. The Web Feet Seal of Approval tells teachers, librarians, parents, and students what sites are especially valuable for research, teaching, or general interest.


World Wide Arts Resources (WWAR).

Contact Markus Kruse.


Worldwide Art Expo from Emeryville, California, calls ArtLex
.one of its "Top Recommended Sites"
Contact Olga Romano.



Yahoo! lists ArtLex in the following two categories:


Yahooligans! "the web guide for kids" lists two categories:





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