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ArtLex is seen by a large, upscale audience interested in quality products and services.

Its visitors are well educated and they're looking for new information.

They are drawn to the visual arts -- making, selling, and collecting them . . .

. . . fine arts, crafts, antiques, design . . .

The size and location of your organization is no problem.

If the people you need to reach include visitors to ArtLex, any of the companies who sell our advertising can your message on our pages.


BURST! Media

BURST! is the largest rep firm for specialty content Web publishers.

BURST! is ready to share complete statistics about who is visiting ArtLex, frequency, ad rates, targeting options, etc.

BURST! Media, LLC.
8 New England Executive Park
Burlington, MA 01803
Tel: (781) 272-5544



Fastclick offers substantial value for advertisers such as frequency capping, complete online reporting and online campaign control, optimization, targeting by country, city, state, region, DMA, day of week, time of day, and pixel targeting at no additional charge.

360 Olive Street
Santa Barbara , CA 93101
Tel: (805) 568-5334
Fax: (425) 969-8552
Fax: (805) 568-5332


Google AdWords

Google AdWords ads connect you with new customers at the precise moment when they're looking for your products or services.

With Google AdWords you create your own ads, choose keywords to help Google match your ads to your audience and pay only when someone clicks on them.

Both text and image ads can be contextually targeted.




Michael Delahunt
ArtLex Art Dictionary
6254 East Pershing Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Tel: (480) 609-1998


This banner is an example of one size of ads ArtLex displays: 468 x 60 pixels.

Larger sized "leaderboards" are also available: 728 x 90 pixels.

Both BURST! and Fastclick serve these formats.


ArtLex Art Dictionary

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